How To Manipulate Time To Achieve All Your Dreams.

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We all have 24-hours in a day. Still, some people are able to get the most out of it to achieve all of their dreams.
Want to know how you can also gain total control over your time?
Start by understanding top time stealers that waste your time and learn effective strategies to control it.

Time Stealers: If you can’t manage your time, you’ll never effectively manage your life or your leadership. Here is the list of things that are stealing time from your life and stopping you from achieving your dream life.

Addictions of popular activities:

“When I think of all the hours and hours of my life I have spent watching television, it makes me realize, Man, I am really rich with television.” — Jack Handey
Other examples include Social Media, Games, Netflix, Youtube, comedy shows, news, Excessive socializing, gossiping, compulsive shopping, time spent in pursuit of fame, showoff. These things are fine when done in limits. Excess of these might make you feel good in the short term but these are the biggest barriers to achieving the life you deserve.

Solution: You can control it using plugins like StayFocusd which restricts your time spent on these websites. 2.

Worrying about the problems:

People waste a huge time remembering the past or worrying about the future. Sometimes, it’s important to do these things but just thinking about your problems will not solve them. It’s proper planning and massive actions that are going to transform your life.

Solution: Be Solution-Oriented. Instead of focussing on problems, be solution-oriented, Know exactly what you want to achieve. Create goals for each area of your life. Divide each goal into 5 sub-goals that are achievable in a particular time frame and start taking actions.

Decision making:

A lot of time is spent on deciding between various choices. It’s good to have a plan before taking action to avoid future time wastage but thinking too much is not recommended.

  • Know your values: If you know your values, priorities, decision making would be way easier. If you have to choose between writing an article, watching movies or going out with friends, it would be easier for you if you know your priorities. You should try to avoid activities that don’t align with your goals.
  • Avoid confusion: If several choices align with your values/priority, then the only way to avoid confusion is to try it. If possible, try to predict the output of choices by learning from people who were in the same situation. You can also discuss with your friends/family and get their viewpoint. If no one has faced such a dilemma, show courage and go try the first choice.
  • Understand life better: Spend some time in understanding the basics of mind, communication, relationships. The more you understand life, the easier it would be your ability to make decisions. Your presence of this website means you are already on this path but you can also learn from the wisdom of great personalities like Sandeep Maheshwari, Sadhguru, Tony Robbins or various self-help books available over the internet.

Wasted driving/traveling time:

Another major time stealer is your commute time. Commuting is an easy opportunity to improve yourself. Utilize this time by reading booking, listing to podcasts rather than letting your mind wander freely.

Lack of planning and to-do list:

Your lack of planning for your goals will definitely lead you to focus on other pleasurable distractions.
Solution: Divide your dreams into monthly, weekly and daily achievable goals. If possible maintain a daily journal that will help you keep focussed and track your progress in the journey of achieving your dream life.

No Discipline:

“Self-discipline is the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of your emotional state” Here are the ways to maintain discipline:

  • Know your why: Your “why: the reason behind your goals” will give you the energy to accomplish this task. Note: Your emotional involvement with your goal will make you stick to it irrespective of the state you are currently experiencing.
  • Do your work first /before responding to the world: Don’t forget to take out time for your goals before reacting to the world requirements. Yes, it’s important to respond to their emails, tasks but before that take out the time for things that will push you forward towards your goals.
  • Allocate blocks for various activities: Assigning a fixed time for activities like gym, meditation, work, socializing will help you become more disciplined.

Not feeling good:

We avoid work many times because we are not feeling good. Here are some ways to change your mood quickly:

  • Write it out on paper: Take a paper and write all things that are making you sad, guilty, worried, angry. Write all your desires, goals, pending tasks on paper. It will free your mind and help you go to being state from where you can start your work.
  • Meditate: There are numerous benefits of meditation. It helps you relax and elevate your energy and makes you more focussed.
  • Focus on your past achievements: Remind yourself of your strengths and past achievements. If you could achieve all those things, why can’t you do this simple task? It will make you feel great and the ability to start with great confidence. If you face the problem of low self-confidence often, please go through our previous post to have unshakable confidence.

Being a perfectionist:

When you have high standards for yourself, you will spend more time than you should on a task.

  • You will start late waiting for that perfect state/, mood to begin your task.
  • You will spend more time in completing it in pursuit of perfection.
  • Even after it’s completed, you still make revisions in order to make it “perfect.”
  • You can throw you off since things didn’t go your way. That means you may give up on a project that you already started working on.

You can overcome it by focusing on completing tasks rather than making it perfect. Example: Ten great articles are better than that perfect one. Also, you can always go back and make those ten articles perfect. But the key is to start now.

Saying yes too often:

It’s understandable that you don’t want to disappoint others, but it’s very difficult to keep everyone happy. You’re doing wrong to yourself by saying “yes” to everyone since you end-up spreading too much time for them instead of working towards your goals.
Solution: Be honest with others and information that you simply don’t have the time to lead a meeting, write a blog post, or whatever else it is that they’re requesting.
Note: If you want to help others, the best way is to listen to them and ask them the best solution. You can guide them, show them the path but don’t solve their problems. By doing so, not only you will be wasting your time but also reduce their ability to solve problems thus reducing their self-esteem.

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If we missed any major time stealer, please let us know in comments section.


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